Meet the charities

Each day, from start to finish, Jamie will be meeting charities that are supported by Global’s Make Some Noise along his route.  

These are the charities that will cheer him on, keep him motivated and remind him of all the reasons why he decided to take on this epic challenge.

AP Cymru

Jamie will begin his challenge with children and young people from AP Cymru making lots of noise at the start line. AP Cymru is a charity that supports families affected by autism in and around Cardiff. The charity runs face-to-face advice, and brings together families within the local community, so they can benefit from peer support and guidance.

The Child Brain Injury Trust

The Child Brain Injury Trust will also be there to cheer Jamie on as he sets off. The Child Brain Injury Trust provides long-term support to young people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI: injury occurring after birth). The charity provides a range of brilliant services including a helpline, special family days and vital equipment.

Young Bristol

With a long day of walking ahead of him, Jamie will have Young Bristol cheering him on from Caldicot on day two. Young Bristol is a charity which provides activities and training schemes to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Young Gloucestershire

Young Gloucestershire will be showing their support for Jamie as he finishes his second day in Little Badminton. The charity is there for disadvantaged young people who are facing challenges in their lives. Whether coping with poor mental-health, disruptive home lives, struggling with school or dealing with addiction or debt, young people turn to Young Gloucestershire for the support they need to stabilise their lives.


STEP will be tracking Jamie’s footsteps into Swindon as he completes the third day of his challenge. STEP is a charity that helps vulnerable young people living in and around Swindon, who may be victims of abuse or neglect, have poor mental health, be experiencing poverty and deprivation, or isolation and exclusion due to behavioural issues.

Camp Mohawk

Children and young people from Camp Mohawk will be waiting at Pangbourne to welcome Jamie at the end of his fourth day. Camp Mohawk is a charity that provides an amazing outdoor space where children with disabilities can have fun and experience freedom in an environment that’s been especially designed for them and their families.

Richmond Carers Centre

As Jamie powers through to Chertsey on his sixth day, he’ll meet children and young people from Richmond Carers Centre. Richmond Carers Centre provides practical help, support and information to young people caring for a loved one with a physical disability, learning difficulty, mental health issue or illness.


When Jamie completes his sixth marathon with just one marathon to go, Jigsaw4u will be there to congratulate him and give him much-needed motivation ahead of his final day. Jigsaw4u supports children, young people and their families who are experiencing significant social and emotional difficulties including bereavement in South West London.

The Amber Trust

Before starting the final day of his challenge at Putney Bridge, Jamie will be cheered on by The Amber Trust, a charity which supports children who have a visual impairment and often other disabilities and life-limiting conditions. Through specialist lessons and technology, children and young people are able to access music and learn to play instruments, which is all part of The Amber Trust’s programme of support.

The Lily Foundation

With just hours to go until Jamie finishes his final marathon, The Lily Foundation will be there to remind him just how important this challenge is. The charity is dedicated to fighting mitochondrial disease, an incurable life-limiting genetic condition affecting children. The Lily Foundation provides practical and emotional support, information and advice, and family support for those living with the condition and those who have lost someone to it.


When Jamie makes it to the Buckingham Palace, he’ll have just 1 mile to go, so the children and young people from SkyWay will really help to keep him going. The charity provides a wide range of activities and programmes in community centres and on the streets of London to support vulnerable young people.

Arts For All

As Jamie spots the finish line in the near distance, he’ll also see children from Arts For All, to remind him why he took on this challenge. Arts For All is a small charity which supports disadvantaged young people and their families in London. The project runs arts-based clubs, helping young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to build confidence through creativity and achieve their goals.